rock salt

by Student Driver

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released August 3, 2015

sample on "FOLD" from Theater of Romance, episodes: "Dark Victory," "Mrs. Moonlight" via



all rights reserved


Student Driver New Orleans, Louisiana

never leave the house.

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Track Name: FOLD
I followed you along the rim of your mind's mountains.
Your private world is wide, but i cannot live inside you.

And you want me to fold, and to fold right into you.
And you want me to fall, just fall right in.

So I retreat inside the wilds of my own mind, yeah.
My private world wide, so I can live without you.

Did you think I would fall, fall right into you?
Did you think I would crawl on my hands and knees for you?

I don't want to know every goddamn thing you think anymore.
I want to drive around in a new town
and fuck the first person who's not you
and not feel a thing.

i want to fuck you over.
I want to feel nothing.

But I followed you, or I tried to, I--
Track Name: 25
By the time I turned twenty-five,
all of the rockstars had been cheated on;
most of my female friends had been assaulted.
I don't need your break up song
or your objectifying longing.

This is not a political song.
It's personal now.

dear mom
dear mom

I think I'm dropping out of graduate school,
and I haven't showered in five days.

I want to be outside and unafraid to be outside.

Still, I steel my resolve.
I don't care.
I'm as frozen as a glacier now.
They won't melt me with rock salt.
I don't care if she's sorry now.

The ballad on 86.5
assures us all that we will survive,
but what if I don't want to try?

Fuck a breakup song.
Fuck a breakup song.

Still, I steel my resolve.
I don't care.
I'm as frozen as a glacier now.
They won't melt me with rock salt.
I don't care if she's sober now.
And they whisper words like 'fault.'
I don't care because I'm crawling out.
Track Name: SODA STOP
guys, can we take a soda stop?
i'm high, just like anita's mother thought, just like i bet your parents warned.

but im not corrupted, im enlightened here.
they say they want you in "safety," but it feels like they mean 'fear.'

drive through the midwest with some guys we just met.
you're always so hesitant, so it's my job to say, "we're going to have fun."
i play the brave one.

but did you see the way that he just looked at me?
and is it me or is it weird that they wouldn't stop when we asked for a soda?
is it me or are things getting a little weird?

i just thought im not sure what's in my head and not.
i just want to forget myself for once.